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Episode 153: Watchmen

  This week Cult 45 tackles the polarizing movie Watchmen.    

  This is the one moment one of our host wish they didn't do the research... Find out why ignorance can be bliss.      

Episode 151: Doom

  We cap off Rock month with the polarizing Doom. Randy tries to bring Bdemdown back to earth and realize what this movie actually is.    

  We chat with one of the guest of the upcoming Fandemic Tour, the legendary Jason David Frank. Nuff Said.   YouTube: ...

Episode 150: The Rundown

  We are rolling along with Rock Month and now we have to get through The Rundown. Could we handle the thunder and lightining?   YouTube:

Bdemdown gets salty in this review of 2014's Hercules   YouTube:   Facebook: ...

Episode 148: Faster

  We kick off Rock month with a gulity pleasure of Bdemdown's Faster.   YouTube:   Facebook:

  We interviewed the CEO of Fandemic Tour John Macaluso, who talked to us about the journey from being stopped by Hurricane Harvey, and coming back to stake his claim Houston bri...

Episode 147: Red Dawn 84

  The gang watches Red Dawn for the first time and realize what gun nuts are freaking out about.     YouTube:   Fac...

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