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Episode 171: Unbreakable

  With the movie Glass on the way, we took a look back 18 years and reviewed the classic Unbreakable. Did it hold up?

  Home Video Hustle picks the fake sequel: Belly 2 for use to review. Please tune in for the most thorough review this movie will ever get.      

The boys took a break but they decided to share some clips from the Patreon Pour Up extra episodes from 2018. Please Enjoy!  

Cult 45 got subjected to a 3 hour french film picked by Oscar Villatoro. They broke in down in only an hour.   

  Month of Patreon Picks continue and next up is Sami Ahola and his pick of Desperate Living. THIS MOVIE IS FUCKING OUT THERE...    

  We will be doing a month full of Pateron Request, and we kick it off with Darren Butler's selection of U Turn. We had to look and some ROUGH SHIT in this one...

  This week, podcaster and part time boxing enthusiast Joey Dicarlo returns to talk about the legendary Rocky IV. Hearts were on fire.    

  Saquan Jones returns in a pre-recorded follow up to his interview episode to talk about his recently released movie "And There Were 4" movie now available on Amazon Prime. List...

  Bdemdown's long time homeboy and Rapper JD Gata chimes in to talk on this classic.    

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