Cult 45: The Movie Podcast


Episode 30: Robocop

Bdemdown, Sonny Chipz and Mr. Being Black suit up and ride out as they review the classic film Robocop. Tune in as our host breakdown one of their favorite flicks with tons of awesome trivia all fans should know.

Episode 29: Tender: YouTube Showcase Showdown with PROco

For the first time ever in the podcast's history, Cult 45 will review a YouTube short film while the directors are present on the podcast. Cult 45 will put both Tender and PROco's Joesph R, Davis and Brian Gerson to the fire as they question both them and their short. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a YouTube Showcase Showdown!

Episode 28: Spaceballs with Fans on Patrol

The host of Fans on Patrol, Montago Bradley, partners up with Cult 45 as they discuss 1987 Spaceballs. But it would be a Nerd Podcast Mafia crossover if they didn't talk about comics, video game and all the things that TRULY matter in the nerd community. Please check out Fans on Patrol at this link:  This guys are also on Twitter (@fansonpatrol), Instagram (@fansonpatrol), also on itunes and stitcher.


Episode 27: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Mr. Being Black, Bdemdown, and Sonny Chipz break out the knee pads as the pay respect to the classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This movie is going to be treated a lot better than the previous entry. And these three have no plans on hiding that fact.

Cult 45: One Year Down

We want to thank everyone who has supported the podcast during our very first year as a podcast. Since November 2014 we slowly grew, but only through the support of Nameless (creator of the theme song) Queztion 7 (skin deep) and all the host Mr. Being Black, Sonny Chipz, Boss Rhino, and Young Mustard, Shout out to the Nerd Podcast Mafia: Dork of all Trades, So Wizard, Fans on Patrol, Back Issue Podcast, Open All Powers, and Convo Comics Cast for everything you guys are awesome. And thanks to whoever is crazy enough to be a fan of our show.
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