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With our record day falling on Thanksgiving, we put together a clip show of 8 of our Patreon Episodes out in a clip show! Enjoy! Aquaman (Beginning)Glass (5:29)Captain Marvel(16:2...

    Patreon Listener Micheal Bagford gives us possibly the most challenging Bond film to review. How did we rate it? Also enjoy a side convo about Bond Theme Songs.        

  Cult 45 goes back damn near 20 years to re-watch Charlie's Angels. What could go wrong?      

Episode 214: The Shining

    GET YOUR MIND BLOWN THIS EPISODE!!!! Or just listen... whatever.    

  The Boys take on one of the Greatest 90's films of all time.          

    HUGE Shout out to Brad Peterson for this month's Patreon Pick of the Classic Evil Dead 2!!!       YouTube:   ...

    We cover another classic Black Horror film Def By Temptation!   YouTube:   Facebook:

  This we Cult 45 visits a timeless classic Black Horror film, Tales From The Hood! THIS EPISODE IS THE SHIT! The poopity pop!       YouTube:

Episode 209: Blacula

  All month long we will be reviewing Black Horror Movies. and we kick it all off with Blacula!     YouTube:   Face...

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