Live from Comicpalooza Cult 45 answers questions from both the Nerd Podast mafia,and the Comicpalooza Podcast famliy. Shout out to Bry Fy, The Nerdery, Dogfin Radio, So Rebel Radio, Geek Yogurt Podcast, 1980s Movie Graveyard.


Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/cult45podcast

Theme song "OMG" by _Nameless (twitter: @_nameless) http://nameless.bandcamp.com/

"Skin Deep" by Queztion 7 (Intsagram: __q7__)http://www.soundcloud.com/queztion7/u-aynt-seen-nothyn-mls

Body Count" by Young Mustard (instagram: @dolphinteeth) https://soundcloud.com/youngmustard

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